• A Phenomenological Exploration of the EFT Therapist’s Experience of EFT Supervision and Training

    Posted on June 1, 2007 in Emotionally Focused Therapy, Emotions, Training

    This phenomenological study researched the EFT therapist’s experience of EFT supervision and training for the purpose of proposing a clearly defined EFT Supervision and Training Model. The seasoned EFT therapists in this study completed an online survey and then the responses were phenomenologically grouped into themes providing the groundwork for the proposed EFT Supervision and Training Model. The EFT Training and Supervision Model is built in combination with elements of Mead’s General Supervision Theory (in press), the findings of this study, and relevant and recent MFT supervision literature. The proposed EFT Supervision and Training model consists of 6 themes, which intricately describe the tenets of EFT supervision and training. This analysis reveals that greater exploration is needed regarding the supervisory relationship and how it affects clinician development. Emotionally Focused Therapy is a clear and delineated model of marital therapy and therefore requires a clear and delineated map of how to teach it. The objective of this paper was to provide a proposed framework for EFT supervision and training so that the EFT supervision and training process will become more structured and transparent.

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